Shamama attar: 70 herbs

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Thundering waves crashing on the beach, cooling wave of menthol, sweet notes of flower honey, a pillar of smoke rising from a bonfire and fresh spring grass after the night rain - all twist and flow in a vibrant polyphony of fragrances that is Shamama.

A carefully guarded secret, Shamama is a medley of 70 meticulously selected and measured herbal components, intended purely for a sterner sex. The long and troublesome process gives live to a truly unique, one of a kind fragrant embodiment of nature's essence itself, freedom and pure, distilled human emotions.

Attar is a traditional highly concentrated perfume oil derived from all-natural sources with neither alcohol or synthetic components added.

How to use
Apply perfume with a glass rod (comes in the package inside the bottle) on the wrists, temples and neck. 1-2 drops are enough to keep the delicate aroma lingering for 12 hours. Attar can be applied to the hair by spreading attar drops in the palms and passing them through the hair, as well as, according to ancient Arab tradition - in the foveae on the back of the head.
Full list of ingredients
Sandalwood oil, composition of natural fragrances.