Walnut Oil

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Wiseman of the past considered oil, extracted from the walnuts, to be extremely beneficial. Today we know why. Rich source of microelements and vitamin E, 75% of the walnut oil consists of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, turning it into a powerful shield against free radicals and toxins.

Due to the presence of proteins in its composition, walnut oil is recognized as one of the most effective nourishing, repairing and healing ingredients, excelling in treating dry and aging skin.

One of the less known properties of the walnut oil is its ability to smooth and even the suntan if applied before sunbathing. Our oil is made out of raw Juglans Regia (Walnuts) and has no chemicals included.

How to use
Can be applied as a stand-alone skin and hair care product. Use as a base oil for mixing of massage and cosmetic oil blends (with the addition of essential oils and other active components). Mix with the existing skin care products, dry masks, creams, and lotions.
Full list of ingredients
100% natural walnut oil.