Verbena essential oil

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Verbena is not just another cute flower with a pretty name, but a herbal remedy utilized since the ancient of times.

Rich in vitamin C, verbena essential oil works as an anti-inflammatory and toning agent, that wonderfully rejuvenates tired and damaged skin.

It’s cool lemony fragrance with sweet notes of honey works magically on people prone to depression and suffering from chronic fatigue. Verbal aroma of verbena uplifts the spirits and gives color to the otherwise black and white life perspective.

How to use
Aromatherapy: add 2-3 drops into the burner or water-filled spray bottle. Suitable for insomnia and apathy treatment, focusing, mood elevation. Bath: add up to 10 drops into the filled tub for toning, rejuvenating and anti-cellulite effect. Face and skin care: add 1-2 drops into every portion of cream, milk or lotion. Combines well with products meant for anti-cellulite and firming treatment. Can be used as insect bite relief remedy. Hair care: add 2-3 drop to shampoo, balsam or hair mask for long-lasting freshness and cleanliness. Massage: add up to 10 drops into your regular massage treatment. Inhalation: add 2-3 drops into hot or cold water and inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes to relieve asthma and other respiratory issues. For external use only. It is not recommended to apply undiluted essential oil directly onto skin.
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Verbena essential oil