Grapeseed Oil

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Lightweight and fast absorbing grapeseed oil is indeed a universal daily beauty treatment, that perfects and protects the skin regardless its type.

Famous for its antioxidant and regeneration boosting properties, the oil quickly soothes irritations, regulates natural sebum production and makes your skin look and feel clean and fresh. Due to the high amount of linoleic acid and vitamin E, grape seed oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and proves to be an effective prevention treatment of cellulite and skin sagging.

If applied to the hair,  grape seed oil increases the overall elasticity of the fibers and keeps your locks soft and gleaming. Our oil is made out of raw Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seeds and has no chemicals included.

How to use
Can be applied as a stand-alone skin and hair care product. Use as a base oil for mixing of massage and cosmetic oil blends (with the addition of essential oils and other active components). Mix with the existing skin care products, dry masks, creams, and lotions.
Full list of ingredients
100% natural grapeseed oil.