Essential oils blend "Stress relief"

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Do not let stress take the best of you.

Proven through ages of practice, aromatherapy might as well be the safest way to combat stress and fatigue.

This dedicated blend of precious essential oil is crafted to help you carve your small island of peace and tranquility in the ocean of turmoil.

Essential oils of spruce and silver fir balance nervous system, uplift your spirits and help to cope with extra tension.

Stress never comes alone and long exposure leads to a growing feeling of insecurity, self-doubt, and pessimism. Addition of strong pine scent keeps those distractions at bay and navigates a course through the storm.

Flowery notes of lavender will prevent you from tossing and turning in bed, so when it is time to face the world in the morning, you are fresh and well rested.

The blend is all natural and consists solely of pure essential oils.

How to use
For bath rituals use 5-10 drops of the oil blend. For aromatherapy use 2-3 drops per burner. For steam inhalations use 2-3 drops per procedure (add oil blend into the hot water and inhale the vapors until the water gets cold). For air freshening purposes, dissolve 2-3 drops of oil blend in the water-filled spray bottle. For mixing with creams and skin care products, apply 2-3 drops of oil blend per portion. Attention: the oil blend is for EXTERNAL use only!
Full list of ingredients
Spruce, juniper, silver fir, lavender, lemon, pine, eucalyptus essential oils.