Essential oils blend "Aphrodisiac"

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Taken for granted, aromas and fragrances play the most vital role in our daily lives.

And that is especially true when one of our most sacred acts is in question — the act of love.

Correctly chosen composition elevates sensual relationship of two people to a significantly new spiritual level, increases the acuteness of sensations and helps both partners to feel as unique and one of a kind.

Rose essential oil, coming from the petals of the Queen of all flowers, is a powerful aphrodisiac, that stirs sensuality and tenderness.

Vapors of geranium oil alleviate feelings of discomfort and self-doubt, enveloping in a warm cloud of tranquility and intimacy.

Finishing on the higher note, citrus fragrance with bitter back notes of bergamot essential oil delivers a fresh, invigorating sensation.

Beside their truly liberating abilities, all three oil combined to deliver a marvelous rejuvenating effect to your skin, making it even more desirable.

The blend is all natural and consists solely of pure essential oils.

How to use
For bath rituals use 5-10 drops of the oil blend. For aromatherapy use 2-3 drops per burner. For steam inhalations use 2-3 drops per procedure (add oil blend into the hot water and inhale the vapors until the water gets cold). For air freshening purposes, dissolve 2-3 drops of oil blend in the water-filled spray bottle. For mixing with creams and skin care products, apply 1-2 drops of oil blend per portion. Attention: the oil blend is for EXTERNAL use only!
Full list of ingredients
Neroli, lavender, Damascus rose, bergamot, geranium, lemon essential oils.