Essential oils blend "Anti-cellulite"

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Prevention and treatment of cellulite in the comfort of your home.

This blend unites Nature’s best ingredients that specifically target problematic areas and melt those inches away.

The central element of the composition - essential oil of grapefruit - is extremely rich in antioxidants, protecting skin from free radicals. It actively burns our fat deposits and smoothes skin texture, giving it supple feel and healthy look.

Juniper and cypress essential oils provide support and bolster the overall effect of the grapefruit. On their own, they improve blood circulation and stimulate natural lymph flow.

The blend is all natural and consists solely of pure essential oils.

How to use
For bath rituals use 5-10 drops of the oil blend. For aromatherapy use 2-3 drops per burner. For steam inhalations use 2-3 drops per procedure (add oil blend into the hot water and inhale the vapors until the water gets cold). For air freshening purposes, dissolve 2-3 drops of oil blend in the water-filled spray bottle. For mixing with creams and skin care products, apply 1-2 drops of oil blend per portion. Attention: the oil blend is for EXTERNAL use only!
Full list of ingredients
Cypress, juniper, grapefruit essential oils.