Basil essential oil

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Often found in a kitchen of many households worldwide, basil is also known as the “royal herb”.

It’s strong, pungent, yet sweet aroma is used in aromatherapy sessions as a part of neurotic disorders and melancholy treatment. It returns clarity to your mind and helps to concentrate when necessary.

In cosmetology, basil oil fights acne and irritations, provides relief for oily and troubled skin, and is a superb toner.

How to use
Aromatherapy: add 2-3 drops into the burner or water-filled spray bottle. Suitable for concentration bolstering, combating depression and alcohol/nicotine addictions. Bath: add up to 10 drops into the filled tub for toning and antioxidant effect. Face and skin care: add 1-2 drops into every portion of cream, milk or lotion. Combines well with toning and detoxing products. Hair care: add 2-3 drop to shampoo, balsam or hair mask. Massage: add up to 10 drops into your regular massage treatment. Inhalation: add 2-3 drops into hot or cold water and inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes to strengthen the immune systems and as a part of common cold treatment. For external use only. It is not recommended to apply undiluted essential oil directly onto skin.
Full list of ingredients
Basil essential oil.