Hair mask "Black seed magic" for all hair types — Damascus black seed oil

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Regardless the type, your hair needs some love and we got you covered. Brittle and thinning hair can be a huge concern, and with time at stake, not everyone have a luxury to visit the salon. But even with a hectic schedule a dedicated hair mask can prove to be an efficient and smart option.

Rich in miracle-working black seed oil this hair mask bolsters vitality of hair bulbs, fights dandruff and makes your hair super soft. An extra add-on of castor oil stimulates and reignites hair growth.

This is an all-natural hair treatment with no silicone, parabens and harmful chemicals included.

How to use
Apply to towel-dried damp hair, leave-in for at least 15 min, then rinse. As the mask is based on natural ingredients, the longer is the exposure time, the better the results will be.
Full list of ingredients
Spring water, black seed oil, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, coco glucoside, glycerin, castor oil, essential oils of thyme and sage, citric acid, vegetable preservative derived from glycine.