Easy-rinse hair oil "Luxurious Volume" — castor, henna, nard, fenugreek

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It took us some time of tinkering, but finally, we’ve crafted a special hair oil that is very easy to rinse. All components were carefully selected and processed to give your hair perfect volume and bounce without weighing them down.

Castor oil and fenugreek extract are superbly beneficial to hair bulbs, bolstering the natural growth of fibres and preventing excess hair fall. Henna extract and palmarosa essential oil look after scalp tissue and give strength to traces from their very roots to the tip.

Just dab a dew drops, massage them into your scalp and hair strands thoroughly. Wait for a few ticks and simply rinse off with warm water or shampoo.

How to use
Thoroughly massage the oil into dry or damp scalp and hair strands. Cover the head with shower cap or towel. Rinse off with water or shampoo in 40 min. Can be left overnight for better results.
Full list of ingredients
Castor oil, Sesame oil, Hemp seed oil, Olive oil, Cassia obovata extract, Humulus extract, Fenugreek extract, Water-soluble olive oil, Palmarose essential oil, Aromatic blend of essential oils.