Easy-rinse hair oil "Hair growth booster" — bay oil, amla, burdock oil

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If you always dreamed of a thick plait of hair all the way to the waist, then you might be in luck. Natural oils can be an answer you’ve been looking for, especially with an upgraded formula, that allows it to be easily rinsed with no hustle at all.

The core of the blend is within bay essential oil with its phenomenal hair growth stimulating properties and burdock oil keeping strands strong and thick.

Amla extract is a host to a vast supply of ascorbic acid, that helps to remove toxins from scalp and hair fibers, thus significantly bolstering their vitality.

How to use
Thoroughly massage the oil into dry or damp scalp and hair strands. Cover the head with shower cap or towel. Rinse off with water or shampoo in 40 min. Can be left overnight for better results.
Full list of ingredients
Burdock oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Amla extract, Centella asiatica oil extract, Water-soluble olive oil, Bay essential oil, Cayenne pepper oil, Aromatic blend of essential oils.