34,00 USD

GIZA Divine Cleansing Oil for dry skin with Damask Rose

37,00 USD

SAIDA Royal Cleansing Oil for mature skin with Argan oil

23,00 USD

NIQA Exfoliating Cleanser for acne-prone skin with Sterling Silver

25,00 USD

MASDAR hydrating Sugar Cleanser "Rehydrated care" with hyaluronic acid

13,00 USD

Aleppo extra soap "Goat milk" — for delicate, sensitive skin and makeup removal

16,00 USD

Aleppo premium soap "Sulphur" — for problem skin

16,00 USD

Aleppo extra soap "100% extra virgin Olive oil" — for all skin types

16,00 USD

Aleppo extra soap "Honey" — for dry and sensitive skin

20,00 USD

Aleppo premium olive & laurel soap "Traditional" — superior quality

14,00 USD

Aleppo extra soap "Whitening"

16,00 USD

Aleppo extra soap "Damascus rose" — for delicate sensitive skin