Ultra-rich body butter "Midday in Morocco" — skin firming and aromatherapy

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Bright sun, dazzling scent of spices and famous moroccan tangerines — that what we tried to capture in our ultra-rich body butter.

Based on pure shea butter, it is nature's nourishing and moisturizing at its best, capable to breath life even to the driest skin. But what we are really after is shea’s quick and visible lifting effect.

When combined with a unique coconut oil based orange blossom infusion that bolsters natural collagen production in a deeper layers of skin tissue, the endgame is radiant young look supple to the touch.

Essential oils of tangerine and orange set the mood with their summer citrusy notes.

How to use
Gently massage over body. For best results, use daily concentrating on problem-prone areas.
Full list of ingredients
Shea butter, orange blossom infusion of coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, liquorice extract, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, tangerine essential oil, orange essential oil, vanilla essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, aromatic blend of essential oils, vitamin E.