Super-detox body scrub "Sandalwood charcoal" — activated carbon, sandalwood & black seed oil

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Article: Z2024

Unhealthy food, big city environment are disastrous to your skin. Being filled with destructive toxins, it becomes oily, uneven and prone to cellulite.

So, every now and then it is an absolute must to give yourself a proper detox session.

We crafted this body scrub to prevent cellulite at its first stages and to give you that level of cleanliness, that goes deep down under the skin. Sandalwood powder and essential oil are both strong antioxidants, prevent your skin from early aging and pores from clogging.

Black seed oil is a must, when we need damage control. It reduces irritation and flaking, restores skin structure and helps to heal small damages.

Black volcanic clay is a strong inflammatory remedy, that works well with coconut charcoal, as it sucks all the toxins out from your body before being washed off in shower.

Dead Sea salt and cane sugar form the base of the blend with their powerful exfoliating qualities.

Get ready for the sensation of extraordinary cleanliness, that you might  have never experienced before.

How to use
Apply scrub to damp skin and massage thoroughly for a few minutes. Leave on for 5-10 min and rinse off. WARNING: Don’t let water get inside the bag.
Full list of ingredients
Cane Sugar, Dead sea salt, Black volcanic clay, Olive oil, Activated charcoal powder, Black seed oil, Sandalwood powder, Sandalwood essential oil, Vitamin E.