Slimming body scrub "Hot chocolate" — cocoa, chili & guarana

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Article: Z2022

Nothing replaces exercise and balanced diet, but little help won't hurt either.

A shortcut to slimmer looks, this stimulating body scrub not only smells good, but helps to burn extra inches at certain areas.

It’s all in raw cocoa powder as it is a host to over 500 nutrients and microelements that will keep your skin toned, smooth and sensationally scented.

Black and chilli peppers add spice notes to the blend and are both powerful blood circulation stimulants. Combined with guarana extract, they make your body workout for you, pushing fat transformation into energy.

And, of course, the core of the blend - mix of cane sugar and Dead sea salt. Both potent exfoliants, they remove dead skin cells to give you a fresh radiant look.

To soften the action of scrubbing agents, oils of olive, argan and almond will keep you safe, nourished and thoroughly hydrated.

How to use
Apply scrub to damp skin and massage thoroughly for a few minutes. Pay special attention to areas particularly prone to cellulite - hips, buttocks and abdomen. Leave on for 5-10 min and rinse off. WARNING: Don’t let water get inside the bag.
Full list of ingredients
Cane Sugar, Dead sea salt, Raw Cacao Powder, Coffee beans powder, Olive oil, Argan oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Guarana extract, Vanilla bean powder, Black pepper powder, Chili powder, Vitamin E.