Sugar in oil scrub "Chocolate & milk" — nourishing

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Pop the jar to unleash a wave of chocolate and milk that will wash over your body and mind, leaving you radiant with happiness and beauty.

Based over exfoliating and antioxidant properties of cane sugar, this oil scrub is filled to the brim with mouthwatering cocoa beans and cocoa butter, hosting over 500 nutrients and antioxidants, that safeguard from free radicals.

Cocoa helps your body to cleanse itself from the deadly toxins, thus preventing premature aging and, when combined with milk powder, keeping your skin youthful and smooth, like you want it.

We also added wheat germ oil that is rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins A, B and E — basically everything you need to be in tip top shape.

Oil scrub is 100% natural with no chemicals included. Soaked in precious oil, every grain of sugar is supercharged with a true natural goodness.

How to use
Apply the scrub on the damp skin during the shower, distributing it with massage movements. Particular attention should be paid to areas where fluid often stagnates and blood supply to tissues worsens - thighs, legs, buttocks, shoulders. After the massage, rinse the remnants of the scrub with warm running water and apply a nourishing cream, milk or lotion.
Full list of ingredients
Cane sugar, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Wheat germ oil, Cocoa butter, Amaranth seed oil, Ground cocoa beans, Milk powder.