Anti-cellulite body scrub "Arabic coffee" — Robusta coffee, cardamom & ginger

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Article: Z2021

Give your body a wake up call with a powerful charge of coffee!

Pumped up with superb over the top toning qualities of Robusta coffee beans, this special body scrub basically wakes up tissues cells bolstering their metabolism, helping to split fat deposits and erasing cellulite without a trace.

We also added a special compound of spices that has a gentle stimulating effect and helps your body to dump toxins, leading to a smooth as a silk skin.

Formula is based on a medley of Dead Sea salt and cane sugar. Besides both holding vast supply of microelements and a hint of natural glycolic acid, they are a wonderful scrubbing agents, that gently peel dead skin cells.

To soften the action of scrubbing agents, we added argan and olive oils.

How to use
Apply scrub to damp skin and massage thoroughly for a few minutes. Pay special attention to areas particularly prone to cellulite - hips, buttocks and abdomen. Leave on for 5-10 min and rinse off. WARNING: Don’t let water get inside the bag.
Full list of ingredients
Coffee Robusta beans powder, Cane sugar, Dead Sea Salt, Olive oil, Argan oil, Green coffee seed oil, Cardamom powder, Ginger powder, Vanilla bean powder, Cinnamon powder, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).