Floral bath salt "Sensual flowers" – rose, geranium and hibiscus

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Romantic fantasy coming true. This bath salt gives you a truly sensual experience that is worth sharing with your other half.

With hibiscus petal floating in a hot tub and steam infused with aromas of rose and geranium essential oils arousing your senses, the stage is set for love and passion. Whilst your mind is in a game, the very same ingredients also take care of your body. Hibiscus reduces irritation and swelling, whilst geranium and rose have a wonderful rejuvenating effect.

Blend is based on a Dead Sea salt. With an enormous supply of microelements, it helps to relieve sore muscles, improves blood circulation and makes your skin to look younger and healthier overall.

How to use
Pour a generous amount of floral salt into a warm tub. Give it 5 minutes to dissolve. Soak in for 20-30 minutes.
Full list of ingredients
Dead sea salt, Rose petals, Hibiscus sabdariffa petals, Panthenol, Rose essential oil, Pelargonium capitatum essential oil, Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower extract, Vitamin E.