Zeitun Mission

To bring the tradition of luxurious wellness rituals into modern everyday life.

Traditions of luxury

The Middle Eastern tradition of beauty and wellness is a true form of Art emerged in ancient times and perfected through ages of studies and practices. Its story paved the way through luxurious hammams of Damascus, ancient soap factories of Aleppo, the first recipes of fragrant oil blends and herbal treatments.

Traditional Arab beauty care promotes complete immersion in the world of luxury and holistic pleasure. This is the territory of unparalleled love for oneself, where every minute is spent in the name of beauty and harmony.   

The oriental tradition of purity, attention and respect for the body withstood the test of time. Still to these days it captivates its followers with great wisdom and graceful consonance with Nature.

Zeitun natural skincare is a legacy of noble rituals, exotic fragrances and precious recipes of beauty and youth. Drawing inspiration from ancient Arabia, we create our products as a synergy of the finest natural ingredients, sophisticated design aesthetics, delightful aroma and cutting-edge technology.

Our values

  • Ultimate efficiency

    Your beauty and wellbeing is our main priority, that is why we never compromise on effectiveness. Encompassing time-proved precious natural ingredients with scientific innovations Zeitun treatments deliver truly outstanding results to make you smile at your reflexion in the mirror.

  • Natural and safe ingredients

    Natural skin and hair care is the foundation of oriental beauty tradition. Guided by the wisdom of the ages, we make sure to use only the purest and the highest quality natural ingredients in each formulation. Zeitun products contain 95% to 100% ingredients of the natural origin, are free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Our experts are constantly studying precious plant, earth and sea ingredient to fulfil their potential and create the most skin-friendly treatments possible.

  • Ethics

    The cornerstone of Zeitun philosophy is purity and concern for the Planet and all living beings. That is why we maintain the highest manufacturing standards to cause the least possible impact on the environment. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to preserve precious resources and minimize waste. Zeitun cosmetic products are never tested on animals, and all ingredients of animal origin (milk and honey) are obtained by humane methods. All of Zeitun products are certified Halal.

  • Delight in every moment

    We believe that luxurious sensations and sheer indulgence are inherent in the beauty care. Sophisticated packaging aesthetics, signature fragrances and luxurious texture of Zeitun treatments pamper your senses and encourage you to turn your daily beauty routine into a delightful ritual.

  • Traditional craftsmanship

    Ancient Arabia is the birthplace of the world’s oldest wellness routines and cosmetic formulations. Be it Aleppo or Beldi soap, henna hair dye, sugaring paste or any other, the technology and the recipes have been being practiced for ages and consistently brought to perfection. Zeitun is proud to inherit and carry on the venerable craftsmanship tradition. Creating our cosmetic formulations we gain inspiration from the authentic Arabian remedies and still to this day handcraft some of the products in strict accordance with the original technology.

Zeitun history

The history of Zeitun dates back to 2005.

Two European Arabists, enchanted with the luxurious and holistic Middle Eastern culture, were striving to maintain the ancient traditions and introduce them to the western world.

To fulfill their passion, they established a joint venture with an experienced partner - hereditary soapmaker Abd el-Kader Sarmini. The business was started with the world famous Sabun Zeitun- authentic Aleppo olive and laurel soap invented back in VIII A.D.. The soap manufactured at the traditional factory in Aleppo historic center was supplied to Eastern Europe for the first time ever and gave the name for the new brand- Zeitun natural skincare.

Nowadays Zeitun is a fast-growing international company with manufacturing sites in Russia. Its product portfolio expanded from original Aleppo soap to an extensive range of beauty and wellness products made from the finest raw materials from Jordan, India, Morocco and Europe.

E-mail: sales@zeitun.com